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Already today, many municipalities and regions are pioneers, impulse generators and idea spaces for innovative projects for municipal services of general interest. Digital solutions such as the Maerker or the Smart Village app are or will be available nationwide and new ideas and projects are emerging every day. The Brandenburg digitalization map shows these initiatives and invites people to become active themselves.

Brandenburg Digitization Network

For municipalities and counties

Many municipalities face similar challenges in digitization. Through the network, you can present yourself as a municipality or region with your projects, be inspired by others, and gain partners from research and business for the implementation of future projects for municipal services of general interest.

For initiatives, associations and interest groups

Good ideas for digitization often come from the middle of society - they arise where the need is greatest. As an initiative, association or club, you can use the network to find fellow campaigners and publicize your projects.

Here's how it works

The network lives from your collaboration, ideas and projects. Register for free on the platform and you will get access to a network of municipalities, companies, research institutes as well as many other members. Once you have registered, you become visible to potential partners. You can create project profiles and project requests and receive matching proposals for partners and projects from the network.


With its digitization strategy, Brandenburg has set itself the goal of becoming a digital innovation region in the heart of Europe. This can only be achieved together. For this reason, the DigitalAgency and the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency have founded a platform to make innovative projects and their progress visible to everyone and to network companies, municipalities, research institutions, as well as clubs and associations. Numerous other initiatives, sponsors and international companies are also connected via the network - so our members can also make their Brandenburg projects visible beyond the region and find ideas and partners worldwide.

Supported by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy of the State of Brandenburg



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